Creative. Video production. Branding.

who we are

We are a group of passionate young filmmakers whose love for the profession has led us to working together within the industry. Each of us has studied and specialized in our respective fields across a variety of acclaimed academic institutions, and we aspire to bring together a group of diverse and knowledgeable individuals to work cohesively amongst our small team. For years we have been producing films and other forms of digital media for a variety of events, including corporate commercials along with participation in several film festivals in Israel as well as other parts of the world.
Ultimately, our passion lies with high quality filmmaking and television production, and each of our projects reflects this notion. After working on a wide variety of projects, we looked ahead to the future, and found our greatest strengths while working on promotional media including various commercials and corporate videos. Serving as a direct continuation to our varied experience in film production, we decided to harness our creativity to serve the promotional needs of our clients.
We founded Blue Monkeys with this mission statement in mind, and have been hard at work on achieving that goal ever since. Our process is very comprehensive, and our team’s knowledge and experience is reflected in the professionalism of the final result. The videos are built from the ground up; beginning with the initial phase of brainstorming the script concept, all the way through every phase of the production, including filming, editing, and sound mixing. The process starts with an initial meeting and dialogue, where our knowledgeable team can offer a level of customized service by discovering the needs for your promotional marketing efforts. Afterwards, we utilize the tools and experience of our team to create a final product that serves all the needs of the project, while at the same time providing a level of quality and service that only the Blue Monkeys can provide.

about us

We're all here doing our very best to understand the meaning of life 🙂 In the mean time, we produce videos, animations, 3D and deliver branding with love.

who is the blue monkey?

We're all here doing our very best to understand the meaning of life 🙂 The Blue Monkey is a character taken from Mayan astrology. It represents the path of the new consciousness, and an openness of the heart that comes from trust, wonderment, and happiness. The Blue Monkey has the ability to contain the environment as well as itself with acceptance, openness and love; while its innocence protects it from the world's arrows and grants the resistance to not act negatively against others.