who we are

A creative international video production studio. We produce videos, animation and 3D, create cool concepts, work with the most advanced equipment, and work with leading filmmakers in Israel. We are meticulous, talented, international. We are avant-garde. We come from the movie film and we have tremendous knowledge of the production work and storytelling. We are compulsive film consumers. We love. We laugh. We are a family. Yes, we have been together since the age of 17, raising four sweet kids and see our home as part of the work, and work as part of our home. We love the desert … and the snow … but we are Tel Avivians. 🙂 We are connected to spirituality and awareness but urban style.

We know what we’re talking about. We are experienced. We know what the client needs. We succeeded and not by chance – every project excites us! We have produced award-winning films in Israel and around the world, but also do cool animations right at home. We do this with fun, joy and love because we are together and that’s what matters the most.

The Blue Monkeys “credo”

A right-on-the-spot concept and excellent creative are a must. Emotion and identification are the key to every good story and video. A film is not worth much if it does not speak to the target audience and creates identification. Without rhythm and style – emotion and identification will not be expressed. “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” – a viewing experience is above all.
So what will you always find in our productions?
An Original and accurate concept
A clear narrative (comic / formal / “hipster” style etc.)
Top notch Creative
A script that will contain the client’s exact messages
Predetermined rhythm
A unique product

Formality is long gone. We stretch boundaries cause it’s important to us to create kicking and trendy films. We are resourceful and bold (ask Mike Tyson and ronaldinho:)) and the sky is really not our limit. We take the production to Extreme and we are always eager to try new things, to be cheeky and innovative.