Aerodentis – PROMO


Aeordentis developed a unique product in the area of orthodontics, which allows teeth straightening without a fixed device and the ability to straighten the teeth only while sleeping! This awesome product may only be in the beginning stages of its production, but it already shows signs of being a star in the global orthodontic world. The first preparations before using the product are done by orthodontists, and it is very similar to other procedures they handle. Even though the process is similar to others, the guys from Aeordentis want to give the full service and initiated the production for comprehensive instructional videos. We found many orthodontic instructional videos on the web that are very similar to each other both in structure and content, so we took this as an opportunity to strengthen the Aeordentis brand as well. Since the majority of the instructional videos we found cannot be differentiated visually or aesthetically, we saw this as an opportunity to not only create unique content for Aeordentis, but also grant the video an aesthetically unique form that places the brand higher than the rest. The most efficient way to show the world the effectiveness of a product is through success stories from customers, so that is exactly what we did. We gathered evidence, measured, analyzed, sanded and packed it with some awesome animations. Here you go: a short and sweet promo that runs on the Internet :)!

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