Promotional Videos

Amisragas is the largest gas company in Israel. Aside from supplying gas, Amisragas’ branches offer dozens of heating and cooking products. Included in their portfolio is a series of grill and stove products that the company wanted to promote and expose to the large crowd. Since Amisragas is well-known especially for being a gas supply company, the challenge for us was mostly making Amisragas’ brand known as a home for all gas products. After we made the decision to screen the campaign movies both within the company branches along with the Internet, we started off and began to write a script. We characterized every series of products with its own language, speaking to the target audience so that both of the movies utilize “Amisragas-ish” language. That way, even though each movie targets a different audience and has different expressions, both of them reserve the principles of the brand and the unique identity that differentiates the company. The grill movie tries to appeal to the viewer’s palate: A little bit more about the process of the production can be found here.

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