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Sourasky Medical Center is one of the leading medical centers in Israel, and in some aspects, it is one of the leading medical centers in the world. One of the fields in which the center specializes is catheterization. We were contacted by the catheterization department, and they told us about a luxurious convention in the field of catheterizations, where representatives of the catheterization department are invited in order to present new and groundbreaking techniques in the world of catheterization. Every country has to introduce itself and the medical center that they represent through a minute long movie, similar to the World Cup :). For the convention itself, we had to create an elegant structure that offers a taste of the land of milk and honey (Israel), and mostly focus on the medical center. After meeting with the people in the various catheterization departments, we concluded that the things that characterize this field the most are the medical breakthroughs, and the people who make them happen. Along with this concept we built a script and were on our way :)!

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