Medical Videos

Johnson & Johnson’s sub-company, Janssen, is in charge of development, creation and production of pharmacology products. Among the medications that the company produces, you may find medications for Alzheimer, epilepsy, migraines and more. Recently, Janssen developed a medication that slows the growth of prostate cancer significantly, and it helps the patient stay alive for a longer period. Interestingly enough, the enemy of the new medication is not the disease itself, but the public image of the medication. The frequency of the disease is very similar to that of breast cancer, but it is spoken about much less. The image of the disease is hurtful for the men who have it, and it seems that people avoid talking about it in all situations. Similar to the early days of AIDS and breast cancer, the first step in solving the problem is to raise awareness. For this purpose, we have created a testimonial, which is designed as a documented interview to raise awareness. The movie appears on a special website that has been founded for this purpose, for more details about the process click here.

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