Makhsaney Teura


Promotional Videos

Makhsaney Teura is the biggest lighting network in Israel. They also operate a school for lighting, a gallery of trademarked Glow programs, as well as assembling lighting for various companies and networks. In the company’s infancy, their vision was to provide each house in Israel with quality lighting at a reasonable price. After they realized that vision, they grew and expanded; spreading their activities to other parts of the world. Makhsaney Teura also became a home of world-class trademarks. These changes required the update of their trade marketing represented in our movie. First, the expansion abroad required new visual language, and a more global approach. Second, the video needed to communicate the aspect of quality and abundance from the start, so that it could be held in the same regard as the other companies working abroad. We have written a script and made some shots utilizing this momentum and the aesthetics that express the values of the renewed brand.

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