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We produced this beautiful commercial in a special way. Newsick is an app that revolutionizes the music world and creates a little platform like Google Docs just for musicians. The connection between music and movies is so deep that there is no need to expand. In the beginning the cinema was mute, but was accompanied by live music in the cinema halls. Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, and many more good guys dropped a lot of jaws - and that's all it takes, voice and movement. In the production here, we were happy to work with a team of creative musicians who understood this power, and the understanding that for musicians this is the heart of the matter - to speak not in words but in music and art. That's why the video does not contain a single spoken word! We let the music and the movement speak to the heart of the musicians, which are our target audience. We spiced the message with comical gags, and a scenario that reminded us of the wonderful humor of the times when cinema was born.

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