MIKE TYSON – Trade12


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Trade 12 is a new company in the online trading arena. Trade 12 chose no other than the boxing legend Mike Tyson to present the company and brand! Tyson is known as a bold, determined, strong and unbridled character - all the qualities Trade12 strives to be identified with. Mike Tyson was filmed in a studio in Los Angeles, where we supervised the local production company and ensured that every detail was in place - and most importantly the creative went through. Despite the mystery before Tyson's arrival to the filming set, he actually was really cute and cooperative, and even happy to greet us and our partners with a good year's greeting for a video of our own . After the filming we took the raw materials for editing. We were happy to edit, design the add a soundtrack, mix it all together in our studio, and create a “Hollywoodish” commercial. For this campaign we created 3 commercials, here is one of them.

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